Four-year Training

This future training aims to meet the needs of those seeking a way to transform their body/voice instrument so that as teachers and/or artists they can fulfill the needs of education and the performing arts in a way that serves the evolution of the human being as an entity of body, soul, and spirit.


To provide the skills that will prepare teachers of all age groups to explore the creative power of the imagination, speech and language in an embodied way as it manifests in language development, poetry, storytelling and drama. Attention will be given to material appropriate at an adult level and through the developmental stages from early childhood through to adolescence as inspired by the Waldorf curriculum.


To provide the essential skills to create performances that encompass a wholistic and transformative experience for the artist and spectator. For those who have completed the training, the opportunity exists to audition for the Heartfire Ensemble, created to research the methodology further and collaborate in the development of new work.

Personal Development

For those seeking personal growth and an experiential exploration of Anthroposophy through an artform, the wholistic process of the first two years of the training offers a transformative pathway of development.

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Short Courses and Part-Time Training

Shorter courses for adults:

Heartfire offers various workshops and intensives according to need, both as an introduction to the methodology and as an ongoing part-time option for those who are unable to train full-time. Specific workshops can be designed around the needs of particular groups, delivered inhouse or at the studio and drawn from the content of the full-time training.

A variety of workshops with flexible formats are available on demand including:

  • hour, day, weekend, and week-long workshops
  • part-time trainings delivered through either ongoing weekly classes and/or weekend, week-long intensives
  • conference workshops
  • individual private tuition

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Teacher Professional Development

Heartfire has professional development workshops available for teachers including themes such as:

  • Drama in the upper school
  • Three-fold classroom (engaging head, heart, and will)
  • Rehearsing and presenting a play in the upper school
  • Introducing language in the lower school
  • Poetry and story in the lower school
  • Drama in the lower school
  • Possible Structures:
  • Regular, ongoing classes in speech and drama within a teacher training
  • From single sessions per week over a term or year to half-day, day, weekend or week-long
  • PD workshops for teachers focusing on specific age groups: day, weekend, week-long
  • Sabbatical courses for teachers: week-long modules that build on each other and can be attended as time permits

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Personal Development

Any of our courses or training can be attended by those wishing to embody an artistic path of self-development based on an Anthroposophical view of the human being.

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