Eurythmy is a movement art that was brought into the world through Rudolf Steiner and further developed by his wife, Marie Steiner von Sivers. It is thereby a relatively new art form, still in its infancy, yet ever-evolving through subsequent generations of practitioners, who work with eurythmy in artistic, social, pedagogical and therapeutic spheres of life.

Eurythmy is sometimes referred to as ‘visible speech’ and ‘visible music’, as the eurythmist strives to transform their body into an instrument that reveals the formative forces within language and music. Steiner gave eurythmical gestures for each vowel and consonant, musical tone and soul state, as well as for the planets and zodiacal constellations. The gestures are based on the formative flows and qualities of energy that each of these phenomena manifest in the sensory world.

Experiencing the objective, gestural quality and mood of the sounds of speech in this way provides speakers with a profound experience of the formative activity of language and of the potent power of the Creative Word.

Chekhov recognised what possibilities the practice of eurythmy gave to actors. The gestures “show us endless variations of each of the sounds, thus making our artistic speech into the finest possible membrane of endless subtleties and variations of our psychology…We cannot invent new Eurythmical gestures for the sounds of human language…they exist objectively. But we can vary and colour them freely according to our artistic impulses and tastes.” He saw his own discovery of the Psychological Gesture and Eurythmy as two of the fundamental keys for unlocking the door to the actor’s Creative Individuality. Chekhov’s recognition of this allows us to build a bridge towards the indications that Steiner gave for using the sounds of speech as an essential basis for building a character. The Langman methodology extends this foundation into detailed intuitive work with the planetary and zodiacal gestures as a basis for exploring a character’s psychological and spiritual trajectory.