Drama, Myth and Psyche

by Michele Langman, published 2007.

Michele Langman. B.A.Hons (Drama) and M. Soc. Sc. (counselling).

‘Years of drama teaching and performance gave Michele Langman intense experiences of myth as a creative source of drama. They inspired her to ask. What is the function of drama in the psyche? She honed techniques for creating theatre from that source, and realized that the psychic energy of myth liberates theatre to encompass spiritual reality and sing a deep healing to the soul. Here she has distilled these magical essences and poured them into this book’

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Rosalba Clemente (actor, director, playwright, formerly Artistic Director of the State Theatre of South Australia and Head of Acting at the Drama Centre, Flinders University.)

‘Through her own brave and highly personal journey, Michele awakens us to her uniquely feminine perspective of the role of drama in our lives and its potential to heal. This is an inspirational book.

As Michele discovers the healing mysteries of drama, that bring both actor and audience back to life, she illuminates a sacred path of theatre making with the brilliance of her integrity and compassion.

This book is full of passion and belief. It is a homage to a life committed to a search for truth. What it has to give to students, performers and audiences (teachers and therapists?) of the future is one woman’s fearless examination of the sacred forces of myth and healing inherent in all great drama. What a beautiful re-awakening.

Michele Langman puts a gentle and compassionate hand on our shoulder as she leads us through her remarkable journey. It is a journey towards a concept of healing through drama that is as ancient as it is utterly contemporary. Moving, brilliant and courageous! I recommend it to all who love the theatre.’

Dr. Jane Gilmer. (actress and teacher, working out of Anthroposophy and formerly Assistant Professor of Drama, Visual and Performing Arts Department National Institute of Education – Singapore.

Michele Langman’s book Drama, Myth and Psyche describes a journey of consciousness for those of us who have searched for spiritual and earthly meaning in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries through theatre. From this perspective, this work is seminal because Michele has given form to the imaginations of a heart-centered living theatre process for our time.

Who cannot say that in attending director Peter Brooks The Conference of the Birds or Mahabarata, that we have been moved to view the myths and meanings of ‘other’ cultures’ in new ways? And that such ‘revolutions’ in theatre, connected us more strongly to one another as theatre heart practitioners? In describing such experiences, Michele reminds us that we are theatre Taoists who strive to bring “personal darkness into light”: that working with drama, myth and psyche we aspire to live with a vision of the creative force of the feminine and, an understanding of the lineage of the flame.

Michele’s inspiring book is for those of us who tread this path.

Michael Elsworth. (actor from New Zealand.)

I want to discuss with her ways of encouraging awareness of her mighty gift to all in search of healing through the soul of the drama. I am absolutely ecstatic about her revelations.

David Britton. (writer and researcher).

I have just finished reading Michele’s book….. and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it- not only enjoyed it, but that it is a really interesting book. There have been a few occasions in my life when I have read deeply inspiring books about the theatre, and about its wider possibilities- one of them I remember, was called Beyond the Floating Islands by Eugenio Barba. Drama, Myth and Psyche is similarly inspiring. The vision of theatre that it unfolds is very far reaching – a vital tool in humanity’s becoming………..

The Alchemical Actor

By Jane Gilmer

The Alchemical Actor ofers an imagination for new and future theatre inspired by the manifesto of Antonin Artaud. The alchemical four elements – earth, water, air and re and the four alchemical stages – nigredo, albedo, citrino and rubedo serve as initiatory steps towards the performance of transmutational consciousness. The depth psychological work of Carl G. Jung, the theatre techniques of Michael Chekhov and Rudolf Steiner infuse ‘this’ Great Work. Jane Gilmer leads the reader through alchemical imaginations beyond material cognition towards gold-making heart-thinking – key to new and future theatre.

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Dr Jane Gilmer: Teacher of Theatre and Transformational Guide.

From 2000 until 2016, Assistant Professor at the Nanyang Technological Institute in Singapore and for 10 years worked in an institute of the University called the National Institute of Education in the Performing Arts (drama) division in two different stages. While there, also part time teacher at the Intercultural Theatre Institute (not part of the University) (ITI) and the Hague Centre of Acting and Creativity (HCAC).